Barrel Aging Program

At Kinematic Brewing Company our mission is to brew a variety of quality, hand crafted beer. Starting in December of 2015, we began our barrel aging program. We believe in using only quality products to produce our beer, so when it came to barrels we wanted only the best! Luckily the best is close by with our friends over at Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas. After securing some bourbon barrels, our brewer Jon tubarrelsrned his attention to searching for some quality single malt barrels. Once again, we didn’t have to look far. The amazing guys over at Balcones Distillery in Waco were so interested in what we were doing they gave us 3 single malt barrels and 1 of their Rumble barrels! And finally Jon did what we were told SEVERAL times couldn’t be done…. he secured some wine barrels! Thanks to the guys over at Lost Draw Cellars, we were on our way to a great start!

Jon’s passion is coming up with new recipes and trying new things. Barrel aging is no exception, and our program continues to grow! Below are some of the recipes that are somewhere in the brewing/barrel aging process. You can follow your favorite batch on Twitter or check back here for updates!

Currently On Tap:

Galileo’s Revenge Strong Dark Ale– Bourbon barrel aged since December 1, 2015


Currently Aging:

Umbra Imperial Porter– Bourbon barrel aging since December 1, 2015

Soured Rye– Single malt barrel aging since February 9, 2016


Coming Soon:

Belgian Style Tripel– to be aged in oak wine barrels with wild yeast

Rye Saison– to be aged in oak wine barrels with wild yeast

We are also currently coming up with new recipes for several different Saisons, a Belgian Dubbel and different variations on the farmhouse style.  We look for our barrel aging program to continue to grow, and we are excited to share not only our beer, but our journey with you!